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I have a very bad experience with Transworld Van Lines Englewood CO based booking. They don't keep up their time.

They are supposed to call the customer and tell 24 hrs in advance. Despite reminding them every day over phone and mail, they did not turn up on the day of move, neither they responded to my email. I am having all the correspondence and evidence for future legal action. All my plans went awry.

Despite charging heavily for moving , I had to cancel my trip as they did not turn up on time to pick my goods. SO I lost my flight charges . I have to shell couple more hundreds for over staying at the apartment. I am going to share my experience in all the social channels from the day of booking and till they deliver.

Stay tuned.

Details: From Denver to Houston Goods: 12 boxes, 1 TV a futon, queen bed and box and railings, one stool, one TV stand. 1 iron box, 1 suitcase They charged $2000 I will share the booking agent name, phone and other staff who handled the service in detail in my next review comment

Review about: Transworld Van Lines Com Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also had similar issues. I had been referred by, so after trans world didn't show up for the move or answer calls/email etc, helped me get my deposit refunded.'s contact was mike.

His phone #is 484-894-6802. These are horrible people who should go to jail

to Anonymous #1366049

Regarding my note above, mike is with transworld. He may be the "owner".

He was trying to get to give him business (transworld pays for referrals). So moving .com pressured mike to give me my deposit back.

I got most of it back but they withheld about 10% fee which is ridiculous. I told that I would go after them if I find out they start doing business with transworld again, and I filed a fraud claim with DOT and also a complaint with BBB

to Anonymous #1367807

Was this Mike an employee there? I called him and he said he used to work there and was going to try to help me but he is located in Fl and because of the weather it would be a while. Please help!

to JD #1367995

They make all kinds of excuses so I would be suspicious. Mike is the person who contacted to push for my refund, of which I finally received partial refund.

The owners name is Michael so it's possible he is one and the same. I suspect he is saying he used to work there as a ploy.


Same issues that all of you are having. Finally got my items but not before paying way more than was originally quoted.

They even loaded the truck with my items and then made us sign more forms stating we were over and would be charged and waived our original insurance. Complete scam of a company. Upon delivery the brokered movers would not even reassemble our furniture as they stated the contract was not with the company who delivered so they didnt have to abide by it.

Unbelievable. Filing complaint with Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration but dont think there is any help for us all.

to Josh21 #1368527

Hi Josh. Do you have any contact numbers for me?

This company is horrible and we trusted them with one of our employees moves, and it has been weeks and we still do not have his items. Please help!


Looking to setup a meeting with the United States attorney. My attorney and I are documenting Transworld abuses with the intent to demonstrate RICO pattern which will allow for jail time for the owners. Please respond to this comment with contavt info if your interested in seeing justice.

to Bubba #1360871

I'm having the same issues with Transworld and they very rarely take my call (maybe 1 out a hundred times I call). Most of the time I get hung up on.

They still have our stuff and I really want to pay another company to finish the job myself but they won't tell me what warehouse it is in. My wife is working on the legal side of things but was curious if you've had any luck with any tactics. Any advice would be great. My name is Jake Stroot

Cell 828.719.9909

Have you filed an official complaint with the AMSA (American moving and storage Association) or the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration?

Thanks for any help. Maybe it would be good to utilize the AMSA attornies as a group claim instead of as individuals?

to Jake Stroot #1366051

I had a similar experience. Give your attorney mike at transworld #-484-894-6802

to Bubba #1364285

Please see above. Horrible experience with bait and switch tactics. Highly illegal activity from start to finish

to Josh21 #1364287 is my email

I was even baited by being told to visit (which isnt even their business, they're .net)

So many red flags from the get-go but was in a rush to get my move taken care of.

No longer answers calls or emails. (Was told the associate who did my deal was let go for being dishonest with customers yet it was my responsibility to eat the cost of all lies that were told to me)

to Bubba #1370108

I have had a very similar experience. I think they are somehow related to Superior Moving Systems in Wayne, NJ.

Transworld has a address in Englewood, CO and one in NJ . The quote paperwork is from the CO address and the paperwork from when the showed up to move me is NJ. The company that actually moved me was Superior Moving and it was a horrible experience.

My quote was for $3,300 then after walking through my house and pissed because he said he didn't know he had to pack also went to $6,700.

After 12 painful hours and many threats from them it ended up costing me $9,700.

This was to move a 2 bedroom apt. I was able to get a copy of the invoice from the delivery company to Superior moving which is the actual cubic feet that my move was and that they get paid for. Transworld charged me for 1906 cubic feet and my and what they were getting billed for my move was in reality only 750 cubic feet.

I believe that could actually be a criminal offense because they overcharged me over $5K.

I have filed a damage claim with Transworld because shocker they damaged my stuff. I included a copy of the invoice I had showing that I should have only been charged for 750 and calculated what they owe me. I have not heard back from them. I am filing a complaint the the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration.

I would appreciate it if you keep me informed of how this plays out. I am in the process of getting an attorney.

I believe that these two companies work together in scamming people. Superior says they can't talk to me because my contract is with Transworld. Transworld very rarely answers the phone and when they do they hang up on you 9 times out of 10.

They will not reply to emails either. The *** I worked with at Transworld was Kyle.

My name is Donna and you can reach me at Thank you.


I have just had a similar issue. My husband has been sitting there waiting for two days and the movers did not show up.

They were supposed to show on the 2nd and left a message it changed to today between 2-4 and no show or call or answer any messages. I called more times than I can count and when someone did pick up it convienently was disconnected. This alledged Cynthia person texted me and never responded back a few days before the move date. I don't think this is a legitimate company and we might be out our almost 1000.00 deposit and the furniture still in NY.

In the middle of all this chaos today a random guy named Mark called my cell and asked if we needed a so happens his area code is the same as Cynthia a Florida area code. I am calling our bank to make sure they don't try to remove any more funds and legal shield. Be care with this company I think we just got scammed.

Interesting when you are booking their agents respond immediately to texts and calls and nothing once they got our deposit. I will let you know the outcome


since they breached their contract by not showing up, were you able to get your money back? I just booked this company and already made a down payment. I am nervous they won't show up now!

to moving soon 123 Maryville, Illinois, United States #1345233

Our moving day is today. I called yesterday to get a time frame, as they did not call me like they said they would.

I was told Cynthia from dispatch would be calling soon.

I never got a call. Today, I've called them 3 times and each time I have been told "the driver will be in contact any minute." I still do not have a move time frame or any contact with the driver.

to Jen Monterey Park, California, United States #1356264

Hello, did u ever get your things?

to Shir #1364800

No I didn't. I've even called the englewood, co police department which confirms at least 3 open fraud cases.

Their US dot number says they have one truck and one driver located in jersey city, NJ, but the police office there says there's no business at that address. They recommended we call attorney general and federal agencies.

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